ERIC W. GORDON         concept artist & art director for:  Films, Games & Theme Parks

Concepts & Sets

Welcome to Eric Entertainment Design - providing art direction and concept design services for themed entertainment, game, and film industries.


UI design for  "Armored Aces" mobile game concept.  The basic goal of the game is to achieve five victories without losing your tank to advance to the next higher level.  You are joined  on your adventure with a wisecracking squad of team mates who wonder why we are in this battle. Each level becomes more challenging as your misfit squad mates become more amusing.   (personal work)

Concept Art - inspired from the book series "Ranger's Apprentice"  (personal work)

Holyland Experience park main entry

The don't "Drop Inn" concept sketch for a Gothic themed Bed and Breakfast (personal work)

Engine Block Party themed 4D theater concept

4D theater early concept sketch for "Pixie Park"  (personal work)

Matthew's Boundless Playground, designed for Give Kid's the World

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